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Anchor fasteners manufacturers in chennai maintaining royalty globally

Anchor Fasteners Manufacturers In Chennai Maintaining Royalty Globally

Anchor Fasteners Manufacturers in Chennai, a leading distributor and direct dealer of anchor fasteners that deliver quality products with the guarantee on it for a certain time period. Products are available in different sizes and dimensions. These are precisely counted upon because of its wonderful durability, custom-made sizes, quality designs, inexpensiveness and many more features as well. Fasteners are manufactured for various broad industries that comprise of textile, automobile, railway, defense, electrical, etc.

Services Before Manufacturing Products

Prior to launching the finished products in the market, the Anchor Fasteners undergo a lot of processes during its making period.

  • Threading Capabilities

After cutting the raw material to suitable length, the mechanical fastener is produced either by cutting or rolling. Anchor Fasteners Manufacturers in Chennai is capable of cutting threads that produce bolts.

  • Bending Capabilities

Some steel or another is constantly being bent, of which the most common is the 900 degree bend anchor bolts. Apart from bolts, U-bolts, j-bolts, crane rail hooks are also manufactured. If you are confused in choosing what kind of bolts you require, do not hesitate to send a drawing and the company will take utmost care to select the right materials you require.

  • Plate Fabrication Capabilities

Clip holes into square bars of 1”. Square and rectangular plates are used as templates, splice plates, washers or anchor plates below anchor rods inserted into concrete. The team’s efficient welders are skillful enough to weld plates together, weld plates with rods, weld plates to nuts, or any other amalgamation as per your requirement.

  • Chamfering Or Pointing

All the anchor fasteners pass through a process of chamfering that is, cutting at a right angle to make a symmetrical polished end, to develop an easy movement of the nut into it. These examinations are performed with the help of specialized equipment.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities

The initial step of the manufacturing process is to cut and shape the bolt to length. Raw material with rounded bar-like shape is either cut by a saw or sheared. Shearing equipment acts like a guillotine, shunning off the raw material. Thereafter, the material is cheap and produced in no time.

The range of products that is sold by Anchor Fasteners Manufacturers in Chennai begins from brace rods to hillside washer, j-shape, l-shape, t-shape, plate types, light pole foundation bolts, pipe stiffener bolt, turnbuckle, U-bolt, V-shape sag rod and z-shape sag rod. This large anchor fastener manufacturing company is ready to meet your needs be it for industrial purpose or construction.