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Fasten equipment with premium quality washers of international standards

Fasten Equipment With Premium Quality Washers Of International Standards

What Do You Understand By Washer Fastener?

Washer fastener can be described as a thin metal plated disk-shaped fastener available in the market. This kind of fasteners is round shaped with the presence of a centric hole in it. The main work of the hole is distributing the thread load from the fastener. This kind of fasteners is highly used in combination with nuts or screws.

A Basic Washer Is Meant For 2 Major Works Namely-

  1. Distributing the pressure of the nuts evenly along the surface such that the surface is prevented from any kind of damage.
  2. The second work of the washer fastener is ensuring that the nut is kept smoothly pressed to the surface. If it pressed in smoothly to the surface it will mean there are fewer chances of the nuts getting loose.

Application Of Washer Fasteners In Our Life:

Washer Fasteners India manufactures is usually applied on both sides of the surface to ensure a proper fitting of the nut. But if you are applying the washer to only one side then it is preferred to attach it to the side of the nut. By attaching the washer to the nut-side you actually provide more surface area to the bolt side. In fact, we use washer on our daily life when we assemble various surfaces with the help of nuts and bolts.

Washer Categories Available in the Market:

When you buy washers from Washer Fasteners manufacturers you have an option of choosing from an array of Industrial fastener-

  1. The Plain or basic washer – the most competitive category of the washer is the plain one that is available in very good rate and is made by using good quality raw materials.
  2. The spring type washer that is highly durable and made with spring steel.
  3. One of the pioneer washer’s fattener is the square taper washer that is available in size range of M8 to M48.
  4. In the mechanical industrial market the Disc washer come in very handy with the fixing of nuts.
  5. Wedge Lock washer is a washer that uses the wedge locking system.