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Serve your industrial purpose with fully threaded rods

Serve Your Industrial Purpose With Fully Threaded Rods

Fasten anything from an anchor bolt to a through bolt with Fully Threaded Rods, also known as TLF rods, continuously threaded rods, redi-rods and ATR. The rods are domestically manufactured and pass through chemical as well as physical tests before being launched into the market. Before being shipped, the rods are cut down to fit the sizes as required, such as 6’, 10’ or 12’. The cutout threads are either chamfered or colored or stamped for identification according to their grades and galvanized if necessary.

Where Can Fully Threaded Rods Be Used?

  • Mostly used with proper sized fasteners.
  • Repairing can be done to join parts together.
  • Manufacturing, automotive and construction industries.
  • Plumbing and electrical purpose.
  • Temporary down ceiling.
  • Fitting ACs attached to down ceilings.
  • Machinery with proper alignment requirement.


  1. Its diameter extends from 6mm to 100mm and ¼’ to 3’ with the length of 1000mm, 2000mm and 3000mm.
  2. Availability ranges from mild steel, EN8, EN19 to stainless steel.
  3. Affirming to DIN 975 and DIN 967.
  4. Long-lasting and hardy.
  5. Available in modified and standard designs.

Variety Of Fully Threaded Rods

  • RS Pro Zinc Plated Steel Threaded Bar – Zinc Plated studding with grade 4.6 mild steel and weight 40 kg/mm2 UTS bearing thread size of M20 and length 1mm.
  • RS Pro Plain Stainless Steel Threaded Rod –A metric stainless steel rod of grade A2. Temperature limit up to 800o Mostly applicable to food, medicinal, chemical, construction and electrical purposes.
  • RS Pro Plain Stainless Steel Threaded Bar – Belonging to the metric genre, this stainless steel fully threaded rod is resistant to the highly corrosive environment. M12 and M16 possess a thread pitch of 1.75mm and 2mm respectively.
  • RS Pro Plain Nylon Threaded Bar – as the name suggests, its material is of nylon with a plain finish of 1m length with great mechanical strength.

Satisfy your needs with high quality Fully Threaded Rods of mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel raw materials so that are fastidious and endurable. Available in all sizes and shapes, these rods are confirming to DIN 975 and DIN 976 for client’s maximum utility. Get your industrial and engineering works done with the durable support of fully threaded rods.